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A laser cutting circles in metal.

Simplify your laser life

LaserPost creates perfect laser projects directly from Fusion 360, HSMWorks, and Inventor.

Works with every laser out there. Create ready-to-burn LightBurn projects and colorized SVG files complete with setup sheets.

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Seamless Autodesk integration

All laser configuration from within Fusion 360, HSMWorks and Invetor. No more messy DXF files and hand editing.
Person inspecting finished laser cutting job

Consistent & reliable workflow

Manage laser settings directly in your Fusion projects. Just click and burn with repeatable results every time.

Works everywhere

Direct to LightBurn or import-ready SVG with layers, grouping, and complex geometry including Bezier curves.

Five minutes...

That's all it takes to see how LaserPost will simplify and improve your workflow.

It's one of several Tutorials, tips, and tricks to help you get the most out of LaserPost, LightBurn, Fusion 360, and more.

LaserPost is open-source and free to use.

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LaserPost for LightBurn

Perfect LightBurn projects including ready-to-burn layer settings directly from your model.

LaserPost for SVG

Choose color per-layer or layer-per-file, with an automatic laser setup sheet.